Agency Fees

Recruitment Agency Fees

Danvast Career Search will perform a search and present the short listed candidates per position, then will advise on the profile and facilitate the recruitment process until a candidate signs an employment contract. The one time recruitment fees shall apply to each candidate placed as following.

  • Local recruits (Discount Price) = 50% of sum of one (1) month Gross Salary per selected worker
  • Expatriate recruits (Discount) = 7% of Annual Gross Salary Package

Note:  i) All charges are exclusive of all Taxes

  1. ii) We offer discount if client have more than 15 positions at once shall pay 40% of month Gross salary per worker for Local recruits and 6% of Annual Gross Salary Package for Expatriate recruits.

            iii) We provide offer of free 1 positions if client have more than 15 open positions at once.

NB: The fees are negotiable since our client is priority


  1. In the event where a placed candidate(s) leave’ the client’s employment on resignation or absenteeism and others at no fault of the client ), within first Three (3) months of commencement of employment and provided the client informs the agent in writing of the fact within seven days. Danvast Career Search will seek one replacement candidate for the same position at no extra cost to the client.
  2. If any candidates fails to perform up to a required standard during 4  months’ probation period replacement allowed with free of charge.
  3. If Danvast fails to replace a candidate, the amount paid shall be credited for a future recruitment and there shall be no reimbursements.

Recruitment Terms and conditions                                                          

Committed partnership approach between Danvast Career Search and the client will guarantee a successful recruitment process.

  1. Danvast Career Search will:
  • Present a shortlist of suitable candidates for a position including profiles and salary indications based upon the main criteria outlined before the search. This process will take a period as mention from the date of the agreement.
  • Guide both the candidates and the client through the entire recruitment process (like preparation before and feedback after the interviews, management of salary expectations etc.)
  • Perform reference checks on final candidates and share the results in writing with the client.
  • Facilitate the agreement and signing of the employment contract.
  1. In order to present the right candidates, input from the client is required on:
  • The four key selection criteria for the candidate (including the number of years of experience, level of education, salary level and job description.)
  • Number of candidates to be presented for each position
  • The timetable and process (interviewing, testing etc.): so that dates are planned ahead with the organization’s decision makers
  • Feedback after each interview within 48 hours excluding weekends and public holidays
  • Priority areas of attention for the reference check that will help making a decision on a specific candidate
  • Feedback on Danvast Career Search service so that we can improve delivery to the client
  • The client will offer the successful candidate an offer letter and or employment contract and provide a copy to Danvast Career Search.